Friday, April 14, 2017

Open Point List

Currently I am doing two projects:
  • I have just finished the Pellucidar series, enjoy! Let me know please if you find any errors. Previously, there was an error in all 6 books that prevented them loading properly. As for 11.05 this is fixed, they should work now on all devices.
  • I took some of the images from the comic and I am integrating them into the Tarzan and the lost empire
If you reach this  post by searching on google or yahoo and wonder yourself where are the books, please look here at the main post

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Creating eBooks from Edgar Rice Burroughs bibliography

Hello everybody! Being a fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs I had the problem that no nicely formatted eBooks can be found. The texts are free, all available on Project Gutenberg, but the eBooks I could find are without covers, no pictures and so on. So I said to myself, why not – let me do something about it. This is how this BLOG took form. I will keep this post with link as the main post and add other posts as I work.

If you wish to contribute, please let me know. Any help is appreciated. Especially I would be really happy if someone is wishing to create some illustrations for the books. All the work here will remain free for everyone – I do not intend to make money out of it, but to make a great piece of literature easy to read for everyone.

Some of the books contain errors due to OCR or packaging into ebooks. Common are typos and chapters that are cut because of  invalid characters. Please let me know if you find any errors in the books - I will gladly correct them.

Please be aware that copyright laws around the world are not the same! Check the copyright laws before you download these books. 

Info: I cannot recover access to my old BLOG, so I decided to duplicate it here. I will only be able to update here, so please ignore the older BLOG. I have also changed all links, so that the old blog does not function correctly anymore.

The Caspak Trilogy & Moon Maid

... and the Moon Maid (all 3 books: The Moon Maid (1926), Under the Red Flag (1926) and The Red Hawk (1926) in one epub)

Tarzan of the Apes series (epub format)

If you wish to help me you can either:
  • Link to this Blog - especially from the books entries from Wikipedia. This will help more people discovering these books and reading them.
  • Create graphics for these books - if you are a talented graphics designer with time to spare. Just let me know if you can help and how.
Copyright remarks: please check the copyright laws for your country before downloading these books. By downloading them, you confirm respecting the laws in your country.

All that I do is to repackage the information available on Wikipedia ( or Project Gutenberg (, respectively I do my best to respect all copyright laws, if you have doubt about any image or book here, please let me know so that I can remove it, repectively replace it with a copyright free item. 

Barsoom series (epub format)

Pellucidar series (epub format) 

Open Point List Currently I am doing two projects: I have just finished the Pellucidar series, enjoy! Let me know please if you find any...